Monday, 10 March 2014

Skibbcon V: Level 2 - Novice

As promised, here is another post in a series about Skibbcon V's rulespack. Part 1 can be found here.

Last year we implemented a system where before each game, from the 3 armies a team brought, they would randomly determine which 2 armies they would use as a single 2000pt force using the rules as if they were Battle Brothers. This was even if the armies could not even ally with each other. 

This is even in the fluff. Legit.
We decided, as we always do, to change this. As such each of the 5 missions written for the event also have what level of Allies your armies act as for the duration of the game. In two missions you act as Battle Brothers, in two missions you act as Allies of Convenience and in one mission you act as Desperate Allies. This should, hopefully, make for 5 very different games. However, is this is not the case, well, I'll be hammered drunk so it'll be fine.

We are also introducing a new mechanic, Army Picking. Before each game your opponents will choose which 2 armies your team will be using in this round. This is done at the same time to not give an advantage to either team. Once per tournament you get a veto on the Army picking step. If you use a Veto, both your team and the opposing team can pick their own army this round.

Strategic decision making required.
The process works like this:
  • Teams find out the Scenario and swap army rosters.
  • Players can ask questions about the lists.
  • Both players write down whether or not they are going to veto, reveal at the same time (yes it is possible for both teams to use there veto in a single match). If one or both teams vetoed then players choose what armies they are playing, if not then they choose what the opposing team will play.
  • Either way they write it down and reveal at the same time. If a veto is used then inform the TO when handing up scores.
This process should mean that is easier for teams to negate any situations where they are at a severe disadvantage before the game even begins. Also you get to have a choice of what kind of armies you want to play against. Which is cool. Ice Cool.

Insert Visual Pun
We've also been playtesting new Secondary Objectives to use in the game. There will be several secondary objectives active during each scenario. These will be different in various scenarios.

First Blood: As explained in the Rulebook
Line Breaker: Whichever team has the MOST scoring or denial units in the opponent Teams deployment zone gains 1VP
Slay the Warlord A: Kill the model nominated as Warlord from Army A for 1 VP.
Slay the Warlord B: Kill the model nominated as Warlord from Army B for 1 VP.
Destroy Support: Whichever team kills more non-scoring, non-warlord units gains 1VP.
Protect the Traitor: After deployment, select one non-dedicated transport unit deployed by the enemy team. If that unit is alive at the end of the game gain 1VP.
That Looks Important: Kill the unit that costs the most Army points for 1VP.
Hold the Fort: 3 objectives, each worth 1 VP. Deployed on the centre line.

Proper Allocation of Resources: At the start of each game, after deployment, before attempts to seize, write down one secondary objective to be worth 2VPs for your team and one to be worth 0VPs for your team. Put this in an envelope, which is provided, along with the name of the unit marked as a traitor. This will be opened after the game.

I hope that you, objectively, find this funny.
The idea is there should be a lot going on in each game, after all each team has two generals. Once again, comments and criticism are encouraged. Next up in the series is an explanation of the custom scenarios created for the event.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Skibbcon V : Level 1 - Beginner

Hello, Internet. Long time no writing on you.

I am posting today to begin a series of articles which, at their end, will hopefully help to hammer out the rules pack and missions for Skibbcon V. We're looking for comments and criticisms to help with mission and basic rules. Before I start I would like to thank all the people who wrote rules packs that we robbed loads of ideas and scoring charts etc from. Ye are fierce sound. The Skibbcons are the SWG's events held every June. It originally started off as a singles event - Report here then we changed to a doubles event, for logistical reasons - Report here.

A couple of things will not change about Skibbcon V. It'll still be an all-inclusive weekend in Russagh Mill, it'll still be a doubles event with each team bringing 3 1000pt armies. Each team will use different combinations of those 3 armies to make a 2000pt armies for each of the 5 games, just like Skibbcon IV. In regards to drinking (aka the important part) there will be, as always, a flagrant disregard for moderation and basic liver health.
He's just gearing up for Game 4.

Now outside of necrotic livers, what Skibbcon is known for is coming up with new and different rules. As such this year we will be changing the rules regarding the Force Org chart that we've used in previous years. We had used a system where if you wanted a second Heavy Support you must have taken an Elite and a Fast Attack. We're thinking of using a system that works like this:
1-2 Hqs
2-4 Troops
0-2 Elites
0-2 Fast
0-2 Heavy
0-1 Fortification

As in previous years, no duplicate choices are allowed. All armies must be selected from separate codices. Supplements are allowed but you may not also take the codex for which it is a supplement (e.g. You cannot take Tau and the Farsight Enclave). No dataslates.
A unit takes up 2 slots in the chart if it has a Dedicated Transport and/or costs more than 199 points.
Note: A unit can cost more than 199 points AND have a transport but still takes up only 2 slots. 
If a troops takes up 2 slots it does not count as your mandatory 2 troops choices.
If a unit does not take up a slot on the Force Org Chart (SM Command Squad or Necron Royal Court) then add it's points cost to the points cost of the unit used to unlock it (SM Captain or Necron Overlord) and can cause it to be worth more that 199 points and thus take up two Force Org Chart slots.
As there is only one fortification slot, the fortification cannot exceed 199 points.
As we're dealing with 1000pt armies, no Lords of War or anything with a D weapon.
Squadrons and units of Monstrous Creatures are limited to 1 model.

This year we will also be awarding just as many points for army appearance as we are for how well you do in your games. So to win Skibbcon you'll have to be very good at the game and have a beautiful looking army. The whole package or the Dave Chambers, as it's known. We have assembled a team of judges to rank each team by the appearance of their 3 armies. They will be looking at everything. This includes but is not limited to painting, converting or the fluff you can create if you want. There are no hard rules as to what will get you the points so that a good painter who dislikes converting has as much of a chance as a person who loves converting but may lack painting skill. 

We have tried to vary the judges as much as possible. One is renowned for his painting skill so values painting techniques, one is a player so is looking for fluffy combinations and conversions. One is not a player but enjoys model painting therefor is just looking for things that look cool, whether they are conversions or not etc.

I made an assembling team reference so I had to throw this up.

Also this year we will be adding in new primary and secondary missions. There will be a lot going on in each game but hopefully having two people on each team will allow for proper coordination and cover every base.
The scoring for the SkibbCon Scenarios is done using rulebook VP's. Total the VP's gained from the mission, any secondary missions plus any other way you may have of gaining VP's(Killing Heavy Support in Big Guns Never Tire, Legendary Fighter or similar Warlord traits etc).

Each player counts their mission points and subtracts the opponent's mission points and consults the table bellow:
Difference +0 / -0 Battle points 10 / 10
Difference 1 or 2 / -1 or -2 Battle points 11 / 9
Difference 3 or 4 / -3 or -4 Battle points 12 / 8
Difference 5 or 6 / -5 or -6 Battle points 13 / 7
Difference 7 or 8 / -7 or -8 Battle points 14 / 6
Difference 9 or 10 / -9 or -10 Battle points 15 / 5
Difference 11 or 12 / -11 or -12 Battle points 16 / 4
Difference 13 or more / -13 or less Battle points 17 / 3

Then compute Army Points (APs) difference and augment the score accordingly:
1500-2000 is +3 / -3
1000- 1499 is +2 / -2
500-999 is +1 / -1
0-499 is +0 / -0

This guy knows.

That's the basic idea for the rules at Skibbcon V. I will be making more posts with the primary and secondary mission we've created. The next one, level 2, will contain our ideas for secondary missions. Please do let us know what you think either in the comments or emailing skibbcon(at)