Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Road to Gorey

Myself and two of my club mates are setting off for Wexford the week after next for NWG 2011. It's Chris "Wanna Grapple" Icke, Cian "2 Thrilldren" O'Mahony and myself piling into the Fun Wagon(named for Dave "Now I have a blog" Coleman) and tearing road to North Wexford.

NWG 2011 is a tournament held by the North Wexford Gamers(the people who brought you w-ired) in Gorey. The 40k side of things is a 2000pt, Forgeworld friendly, 5 round tournament running on the Saturday and Sunday with pick up games catered for on the Friday night.

I must say I am very excited about the weekend. Also, I'm bringing the Necrons out of retirement for this one. Time to glance on 6 like a boss.

My 2000pt list is:
The Deceiver
Lord w/ Resurrection Orb + Veil of Darkness
3 x 10 Necron Warriors
3 x 3 Necron Destroyers
1 x Monolith
2 x 2 Necron Heavy Destroyers

1985 points

If I'm honest, it's my 1750pt list WITH A MONOLITH. The main strategic reason I picked this list is not because of the armies I'm likely to face. It's not about adding survivability to contend with the higher points cost. Not to counteract any Forgeworld I might encounter. It's because I have a monolith that I got as a present. Also, they're class.

I'm also after spreading the Space Wolf love by lending my army to Chris for the weekend so he can get a taste of how stupidly good they are. Clue: Really, really, stupidly good. 290 point Thunderwolf lord? Yes please.
Direct Quote: "Rarr rarr rarr, wolves"
Newly titled Chapter Master of SkibbWargamers, Cian is playing his cards very close to his chest and not giving out too much info about his list at this early stage.

Now I don't have this all my toys painted(or even assembled) so it's a dash to the finish line to have this all ready for NWG. On that note NWG has a very interesting paint scoring system(inspired by NOVA, I believe). It involves a mix of some subjective points and some straightforward non-subjective points for a total of 30 out of 130 points. This is a change from the norm and some people might have concerns that it's a very heavy weighting to put on soft scores. However, it's the exact same amount of points awarded by most tournaments; except NWG does not give points for pre submission of army lists. Instead it has all the soft scores for painting and converting. Personally I would much rather someone got points for putting effort into an army and not for having the bare minimum required(of which I was a frequent offender) and emailing a list a week early.
My money's on this guy to win
With the paint requirements in mind I have an army to colour in. I am not a fast painter. When I started off doing 1 model every couple of hours. I am so bad at painting that my inability to paint my own figures for a tournament in Athlone set the dominoes falling. It caused a series of events that culminated in Tadhg crashing Caolán's car. However I am improving. Improving enough to have it all finished for Gorey? ........... possibly. I am repainting the army in a new scheme. Blue and purple. I have a couple of models finished 100% but I won't be putting pictures up yet. I hope to have a picture of the army as it's presented for painting evaluation during my post NWG blog entry. I'm all about the showmanship. 

Pictured: Me
Now if there is one thing I love, it's smack talk. I personally think it adds a bit of flavour to proceedings and boy, NWG is flavoursome. The fora are a fluster with talk of who is bringing the filth, who's taking advantage of the Forgeworld allowance and on the fantasy side of things, something something wizards something.
Also something called "The Rod of Power"
Challenges. Another thing I love about NWG. You can issue a challenge for a game on the Friday or (if ye are not in the same club) for round one. This is where the challenge between myself and John Stowe comes in. The first leg of the challenge takes place in the vicinity of a deck of cards and some whiskey. It is because of some very underhanded dealings on his part for Skibbcon. He knows what he did. For shame John. For Shame!

It's not one of my Blog posts without a picture of alcohol
The second leg of challenge is the first game of the tournament. Necron v Necron. I have also pledged that no matter the scenario, I will be deep striking my monolith and it will be aimed at his guys. I'm coming for you John. My and my flying box of death.

So that's it from me at the moment. I will try and take pictures and notes over the weekend but hey, I'll probably get drunk and be thrown out anyway. By for now.




  1. From what I've read of the Necron Codex that looks like a good list Eoin.

    Can it Fleet too? ;)

  2. Everything I play with always has Fleet. Did you not know this? Fantasy players! *shakes head*

  3. I just hope there'll be an NWG review. That doesn't involve any stories of anyone having their underpants removed forcibly while still wearing jeans.

  4. I've actually already written that paragraph so I have to make sure that happens.

    To you, preferably.

  5. Nice one guys, really looking forward to this event.

  6. Super gutted I am missing this. Mainly since I want to watch Nigel get a wedgie. Nice article Eoin.

  7. Ix-nay on the edgie-way for igel-nay. We don't want to spook him. I don't want to have to chase him around.

  8. Funwagon! Thanks for the mention Eoin. Hope ye have a great weekend. Sorry that I'm going to miss it.